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Mind reads and memorizes Pictures better. The world is becoming smaller everyday and communication has begun to play a vital role in our day to day lives.

Presentations speak of your Professional approach.

We are pleased to introduce our Erasable, Adjustable, Portable White Boards used widely in Conferencing, Presentations, Lectures, Home Tutorial, Catering Menu, In house Office Meetings, Network Marketing, etc.,

Akshayaa Erasable, Adjustable, Portable White Boards



The whole set comes in a beautiful kit, light & comfortably portable with adjustable shoulder strap.


Using a Board marker pen, writing on it can be easily erasable with a Duster or a piece of cloth.


The stand comes with a special Thread locksystem, which gives you the option of adjusting the height of the Board to the speaker.


A Telescopic Tripod Aluminum Stand, Two/three stage adjustable is available to your choice and comfort.

Foldable White Board:

A 3 fold 18″ x 30″ White Board comes with a white P. V. C coat. A fresh P. V. C sticker sheet will renew the board in case of aging giving New life to the Board.